Dedicating themselves

Dedicating themselves

YOM Philippines 2017

For most college students, the words “summer break,” imply traveling, shopping, or doing nothing besides sleeping and eating.

This college student, however, cannot sit still, do nothing, and let three whole months go to waste, because summer break is a chance to dedicate themselves to serve the Lord without having to think about school.


An M.B.A. student Darlene Ortiz (CA), says, “At first, as an Accounting major, I didn’t see how God could use someone like me to minister to the lost in other countries. I wasn’t studying to be a teacher or a nurse—how could God use me? Looking back now, I can see that those thoughts were selfish and showed that I had little faith in my big God. This ministry taught me that God can use anyone—no matter their background, past, or imperfections—as long as they are willing. This was my third year going with the YOM ‘Philippines for Christ’ team.

Darlene joined fifteen other team members to visit three different missionaries and two children’s homes in the Philippines giving out provisions, holding Bible clubs, Bible schools, youth rallies, basketball and medical clinics, as well as visiting schools and Christian colleges sharing the gospel and handing out school supplies.