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Thank you for your support of YOM’s 2016 YOM Summer Mission Teams:


Over 250 YOM Team Members ministered to 16,068 people in meetings, churches, classes, camps, medical screenings. We can document approximately 1,174 salvation decisions plus others of uncertain number. Missionaries and national pastors have points of contact for follow-up.  Multitudes more received a witness through tract distribution on visitation, Tour de France, etc.   Soli Deo Gloria (To God alone be the glory!)


Dr. Brian Bucy


YOM Summer Teams


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Australia Team Report                                                                2

Belize Team Report                                                                     3

Bolivia Team Report                                                                   4

Chile Team Report                                                                      5

Ecuador (ESL) Report                                                                  6

Ecuador (Medical) Team Report                                               7

Ghana Team Report                                                                   8

Honduras Team Report                                                              9

France Team Report                                                                 10

Peru (ESL) Team Report                                                           11

Peru (Medical) Team Report                                                    12

Philippines Team Report                                                          13

Romania Team Report                                                              14


Australia Summer Missions Team

·         June 21 – July 22, 2016

·         Leaders:  Dr. John & Mrs. Cirone, Miss Kelley, Miss Adkins

·         Team:  12 team members

·         Australia Team website link


Missionary Hosts

·         Brisbane: Joe & Melissa Marshall

Ministries: Super Saturday Brisbane-Wide Youth Outreach, Sunday Morning/Evening Services, Letterboxing, Wednesday Evening Service

·         Melbourne: Kyle and Jamie Sutton

Ministries: Street Tract Distribution/Witnessing, Encouragement


Local Church Hosts

·         Sydney: Bible Baptist Church—Pastor Jonathan Medina

Ministries: Sunday School/Sunday Morning Service, Monday/Tuesday Evening Youth Rally, Letterboxing, Wednesday Evening Service

      ·         Sydney: Condell Park Bible Church—Pastor Glenn Matthews

Ministries: Sunday Evening Service, Work Opportunities, Four-Day Holiday Kid’s Club (VBS), Nursing Home

      ·         Mildura: Murray River Baptist Church—Pastor Keith Foley

Ministries: Sunday School/Sunday Morning Service, Youth Meeting, Work Opportunities

      ·         Adelaide: South West Baptist Church—Pastor Brenton Honeychurch

Ministries: Winter Teen Camp, Youth Meeting

      ·       Melbourne: Faith Baptist Church—Pastor Frank Guglielmo

 Ministries: Wednesday Evening Service


Types of Ministry Activities

·         Sunday School Services = 4

·         Sunday Morning Church Services= 4

·         Children’s Church Services = 3

·         Sunday Evening Church Service = 1

·         Wednesday Evening Church Services = 3

·         Children’s/Youth Rally Services = 3

·         Youth Fellowship/Meetings = 4

·         Nursing Home = 1

·         Holiday Kid’s Club = 1 (four days)

·         Winter Teen Camp = 1 (five days)

·         Letterboxing/Tract Distribution/Street Evangelism = 3

·         Work Opportunities


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Belize Summer Missions Team

·         June 26th -July 11, 2016

·         Leaders: Dr. and Mrs. Karl Stelzer

·         Team:  12 team members

·         Belize Team website link


Host Missionaries:

·         Troy and Suzannah Lewis


Mission Overview

Our two weeks of ministry revolved the local church, New Hope Baptist Church, located in Hopeville, Belize near the Toledo district capital of Punta Gorda in southern Belize. Our entire team stayed at the Lewis home which enabled us all to have a close-up exposure to every day missionary life – its blessings and challenges.


·         Wednesday, Team visited to new church site and then to the present church facilities to clean and set up for Wednesday service. In afternoon, the team did various projects around the missionary’s home. Wednesday evening the team participated in the regular evening church service. Two team members gave their testimony; other team members taught Bible lesson and memory verse to the children.

·         Thursday, Team went to the new church site workday

·         Friday morning and afternoon prepared for VBS – practicing songs, devotionals, puppets, crafts, and made posters. Evening was our first teen night. Two team members shared their testimony. Team participated in games with Belize teens.

·         Saturday, passed out VBS flyers to every home in Hopeville and continued to work on VBS preparation (crafts and Bible stories). That evening began our weekend Family and Children’s Conferences (2 sessions each night). Dr. Stelzer had the Family Conference with teens and adults. Several team members assisted Mrs. Stelzer with the Children’s Conference.

·         Sunday AM church service (church was full, what a blessing – they really need to get into their new building). One team member gave testimony; team girls had special music and several team members assisted Mrs. Stelzer with children’s church.

·         Monday through Friday – Morning VBS (9 to 12) at the Church. Team members were involved in every aspect of VBS (registration, Bible stories, missionary stories, memory verse, singing, crafts, games, puppets) plus set up and clean up each day.

·         Wednesday PM service; Brandon preached; one team member gave a testimony; girls had special music; several team members did Bible lesson with children.

·         Friday, Concluded VBS in the morning; prepared for the 2nd teen night; team member gave testimony at teen night; team participated with singing and games

·         Saturday, All day trip to Mayan ruins and the central Belize commerce center (Spanish Lookout)

·         Sunday’s Church service was held at a river about 30 minutes from Hopeville for a baptismal service. Dr. Stelzer preached and three were baptized by Missionary Lewis. The service was followed by an all-church fellowship at the river.

Monday, Final day in Belize – several cleaning projects around the Lewis home (inside and outside); concluded the day with a time of team sharing and then packing to leave early the next morning for home.

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Bolivia Summer Missions Team

·         May 28 thru June 11, 2016

·         Leaders: Mr. and Mrs. Piero

·         Team:  15 team members

·         Bolivia Team website link



·         Pastor Andres Velasquez



Pastor Andres Velasquez, the lead pastor, and his associate pastors have a growing church ministry in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. They also have a well-established school ministry. They are currently working to build an English program at the school to draw more students to the school, allowing for an opportunity to share the Gospel with them and their families.


Church Ministry

The team was able to be very involved in the local church ministry. These ministries included preaching, music, teaching Sunday school and children’s churches, and participating in events such as youth conference, ladies meeting, young ladies meeting, young married couple’s meeting, men’s ministry, and youth activities. Each team member was involved in various ways with all of these ministries. It was a blessing to be able to support the local church and encourage them in their ministries.


ESL Ministry

The majority of our team was involved in teaching ESL in the school, using the A Beka curriculum. We started with basic principles of the English language including letters, numbers, and phonics syllables. We then taught the students simple conversational phrases in English to help them apply the basic principles they were learning. The students also enjoyed learning short hymns and choruses in English to practice pronunciation. Working with students in a close one-on-one setting allowed the team members to build close relationships with the students. This gave the team opportunities to share their testimonies with the students. At the end of our time at the school, we held a chapel for the entire student body. Students were able to sing together the songs they had been practicing in their small classes. One of our team members shared his testimony with the entire group of students through a translator using the wordless book. Another team member was able to share a clear Gospel message with the older students. Through our time working with the students, we know that the Lord allowed us to help plant the seed of the Gospel in the hearts of these students. We also rejoice at the knowledge that one of these students accepted Christ as her Savior while we were there.


School Screening Ministry

While most of the team was involved in teaching English, we were also able to hold school screenings for the students and faculty at the school. Our nursing team was able to screen a total of 316 students and 13 teachers for vision, alignment, color blindness, height and weight in addition, the teaches were screened glucose and cholesterol. Even through the simple task of checking vision, we were able to interact with the majority of the student body. This allowed us the opportunity to show the kids and teachers how much we cared about them, by showing that we cared about their health. This act of kindness and love integrates well into our main purpose and goal, to share the Gospel with the students.                                   

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Chile Summer Missions Team

·         May 28th thru June 11th, 2016

·         Leaders: Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Alvarez

·         Team:  15 team members

·         Chile Team website link


Host Missionaries:

·         Philip Rogers

·         Dan Vallete and Ivan Maluenda


Mission Overview

The approach of this mission trip was to use the teaching of English to help Chilean students improve their spoken English and at the same time, be able to understand the Plan of Salvation. As part of the program, students memorized one Bible verse each day. They all received a card with all the verses, (see above), and on the last day, each team leader reviewed all the verses with the 4 or 5 students in his/her group, and offered them the opportunity to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Many students made decisions for Christ.

Private schools.

·         Colegio Alfarero - We were able to work with 100 students from the 7th and 8th grade. The level of English of the students in this school is low. The principal, Mrs. Galvez, is a very enthusiastic and inspiring administrator. She supported our group with everything we requested.

·         Colegio Nueva Nazaret - Mr. Bobadilla is the principal and he was very supportive of our group. We worked with 123 students in this school. All these students were high school juniors and seniors. 43 students were enrolled in a Nursing Technician program.  Our nursing faculty and students worked with this group, by teaching them a 3-day intensive course on Medical Terminology.  The rest of the students, 80 of them, worked with the rest of our team members doing intensive English training.

Public Schools

Pastor Philip Rogers arranged our group to visit 4 public schools on one day. We prepared a short program of English teaching and the Plan of Salvation. We were able to reach about 200 middle and high school students that day. He also arranged for a training session for English teachers in Santiago

Church Work

·         Iglesia Bautista La Florida - This is a large Baptist church. One of our team members, Jonathan, conducted a Bible Module for 2 hours every night for 5 days with an average attendance of 40.

·         Iglesia Bautista Misionera La Florida - This is well-known conservative independent Baptist church. We had another Bible Module for 2 hours per night for 4 nights. Jonathan lectured on topics different from the previous Bible module because these two churches are in the same side of town. We also had about 40 people plus the YOM team members.

·         Iglesia Bautista de Conchali  - We visited this church on Sunday. Dr. Alveras preached during the morning service. Katelyn Powell, one of our team members, grew up in this church as a missionary kid, so it was a very emotional moment for her.

Health Screening

In most Latin American countries, school children do not receive health screenings. Using 1 Cor 6:19-20 and Rom. 12:1 as our guiding verses, we aimed to help Christian schools with this aspect of preventive medicine. Dr. Maybeth Elliott, Miss Heather Heartkopf, and Mr. Winston Lowery were in charge of conducting these screenings.

We conducted two types of health screenings:                                               

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Ecuador (ESL) Summer Missions Team

·         May 28 thru June 11, 2016

·         Leaders: Mr. Mendez and Miss Gunawan

·         Team:  23 team members

·         Ecuador (ESL) website link



·         Dr. Jenny and Oscar Lopez


Mission Overview


Our two weeks of ministry revolved the local church

·         Camp

·         Sunday School

·         Church services

·         Medical clinics

·         Teaching English as a Second Language

o   Public schools

o   Private schools

·         Team presentations of the Gospel

·         Conferences


Our team passed out literature and saw many made decisions for Christ.


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Ecuador Medical Summer Missions Team

·         June 11 thru June 25th, 2016

·         Leaders: Mr. C. Bomske and Miss R. Delaney

·         Team:  25 team members

·         Ecuador (Medical) website link



·         Pastor Franco Loyola

·         Heartland Missionary Danny Richardson


Summary of Events:

From our arrival at the Quito Airport, Pastor Franco Loyola drove the team to a camp adjacent to his home in Santo Domingo. We spent a week in Santo Domingo and then drove back to stay at a Christian school for the remaining week in Quito. Our day-to-day schedule was fairly consistent at both locations. We got an early start each day (breakfast between 6 and 7am) and took our clinic to local schools. Usually school clinics were organized into a few different rooms for vision, blood pressure, prescriptions, etc. We also had a Bible room wherever possible, where some of our Spanish-speaking students and local brothers and sisters were able to present the children with the gospel. After late lunch we headed for an evening clinic at a church. The local pastors were able to present the gospel to those who attended the church clinics.


Ministry Opportunities:

Our efforts, spiritually speaking, saw hundreds come to Christ and thousands ministered too. The national pastors and missionary that we worked with confirmed that we were having an impact in Quito. Danny Richardson informed us that the numbers at the church were growing.

Besides clinics, we were also able to visit the epicenter of the earthquake that recently struck Ecuador, flattening the canton of Pedernales and leaving thousands homeless and orphaned. We were able to collect donations for clothing and toiletries to give out to earthquake victims in anticipation of our trip. Pastor Loyola was able to use the bus we had access to, in order to ferry people in from refugee camps to the camp where we were staying. We were able to set up a relief clinic where our accumulated donations were enough to give needy people a few items per person. We also had the opportunity to minster to special needs children in Quito.


Impact on Ourselves:

The summer mission trip to Ecuador was a fantastic experience that grew the team in many very significant ways. Many of us developed a heart for missions and our eyes were opened to the spiritual darkness and physical poverty of the world. Besides the cultural experience, we also learned a lot about teamwork. I was constantly and consistently amazed by the initiative of the students and our team members. If a need became evident, someone immediately stepped up and filled the role. The team also had a heart of generosity and pulled money from their own pockets as a love offering to the pastors who helped us. The pastors themselves went above-and-beyond the call of duty to feed us, refresh us, and keep us hydrated. Many of us woke up early to pray before embarking on our daily duties to ask for God’s blessing and read His word.

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France Summer Missions Team


·         June 21 – July 22, 2016

·         Leaders:  Miss Autumn Pearson and Mr. Abran Miller

·         Team:  10 team members

·         France Mission Team website link


Missionary Hosts


·         Dave and Melissa Price


Types of Ministry Activities


·         Literature distribution,

·         Design of children’s Bible school curriculum,

·         Church nursery and music

·         Painting and roof repair at the church,


Our team passed out literature in two cities of the Tour de France. Multitudes received a witness through these tract distributions at Tour de France, etc.   ŕ Dieu soit la gloire  (To God alone be the glory!)



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Ghana Summer Missions Team

·         May 31-June 15, 2016

·         Leaders: Dr. and Mrs. Reese

·         Team:  13 team members

·         Ghana Team website link


Host Missionaries:


·         Steve and Michelle Volante


Mission Overview


·         The team began our ministry the 1st weekend in a region which is 65% Muslim

o   Saturday Youth Outreach with some 250 in attendance

o   Double Sunday Services with children’s church

o   Village Outreach

o   Sunday, one of the men on the team plus Dr. Reese preached in village churches in the morning and afternoon services, and all ten ladies led/participated in Children’s church ministries and special music.


·         The first week - Calvary Baptist Christian School Day camp.  Each day the team presented a 6 ˝ hr. package of songs, Bible stories, Missionary stories, Bible memory, crafts, and outdoor games to two grade levels which had been divided into four color teams.  A total of 800 students participated with approximately 70 professions of faith.


·         On Friday, the team visited the palace of a regional chief who got saved 15 years ago.  The team offered the chief a gift from the U.S. and donated $100 towards a monthly breakfast for chiefs/queen mothers. That evening the team visited the orphanage in the evening and presented a set of handbells to the orphanage.


·         Saturday the team met with the pastors at a retreat and heard testimonies after which the team split into two groups and held Bible Clubs while others went door-to-door witnessing.  That afternoon’s outreach saw some 30+ decisions for Christ.  That evening, a youth rally was held in Techiman with approximately 50 youth in attendance...


·         Sunday, June 12, the team ministered in five village church services providing special music, testimonies, preaching, and children’s church ministry for a.m. and p.m. services. In the afternoon, an appreciation meeting was held for the national pastors and the missionaries.  Gifts and testimonies were shared.


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Honduras Summer Missions Team

·         June 4 – June 18, 2016

·         Leaders:  Mr.  & Mrs. Trevin Houk

·         Team:  15 team members

·         Honduras Team website link


Host Missionaries:

·         Sam and Julie Hodges


Ministry Opportunities

2 Local Churches

·         New Life Baptist Church (Sabanagrande) – visited with missionary; sang special music in Sunday service and mid-week Tuesday service; shared testimonies; assisted in nursery, Sunday Schools, children’s church; preached in Tuesday mid-week service; assisted in the Sunday afternoon fun fair (reward for young people’s participation in past quarter of Sunday School); visited with church members and school staff in Sabanagrande neighborhood bus routes on Thursday afternoon/evening; had 380 people in church on Sunday morning, which was a new high for their church!! Over 40 people went on visitation and more than 100 people heard the gospel!

·         La Paz Baptist Church (La Paz) – sang special music in mid-week service; shared testimonies; assisted/ran children’s church; over 84 people in church for mid-week service. We had the privilege of seeing 5 children trust Jesus as Savior during the children’s church. God led one of Brother Sam’s male Honduran seminary graduates, Henry, and his wife, Kendra (PCC student and former Honduras mission team member!!) to pastor this church. Their first service as pastor was July 3, 2016!! This was a prayer request from last summer’s trip so…….Praise the Lord! Since we have been back in the States, they have had another 6 people saved at their church!

2 Christian Schools

·         New Life Bilingual Christian School (Sabanagrande) – conducted school chapel; school field trip; helped in classrooms; special music for Kindergarten graduation; 135 students in Kindergarten through 9th grade

·         New Life Baptist Seminary (Sabanagrande) – did the program and sang special music for the Seminary graduation; assisted with the closing banquet; 18 students in Seminary; no electricity for the service or banquet (made it quite interesting, but it was still very enjoyable)

2 Orphanages

·         Korean missionaries set up a home for battered women and children (Sabanagrande) – our team passed out goodies and the gospel to the residents.

·         Emmanuel Orphanage (Guiamaca) – over 470 children in this orphanage. We had the opportunity to present our songs and puppets and the gospel to the girls and boys ages 9-12, separately. There were 48 girls and 44 boys. We were very well received. Their property was amazing! They have almost 1,000 acres and have golf carts and ride mowers to take care of about 80 acres.

12 Public Schools – what an amazing opportunity!! We conducted a program (songs and puppets with gospel in each song and in the puppet presentation) at each school. Several of the men team members gave the gospel in their testimonies.                                    

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Peru (ESL) Summer Missions Team

·         May 28 thru June 11, 2016

·         Leaders: Azael Panecatl

·         Team:  16 team members

·         Peru (ESL) Team website link


Host Missionary:


·         Nelson Santos


Types of Ministry:


·         Teach English as a second language on 6 different schools,

·         Seminary module at Iglesia Villa del Salvador for 5 days for 4 hours a day regular attendance 50 people majority of them seminary students,

·         Some nights we had a group of local pastors in attendance


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Peru (Medical) Summer Missions Team

·         June 18 thru July 2, 2016

·         Leaders: Miss J. Geesling and Mrs. T. Piero

·         Team:  23 team members

·         Peru Medical website link



·         Headland Missionary Nelson Santos



For the past two summers we have had the opportunity to take mission teams to Lima, Peru. Over these two trips we have been building a medical mission work there in and around the city of Lima. This year’s team consisted of 4 nurses, 5 nursing students, 1 graduate student, and 10 pre-med and biology students.


Medical Ministry


Our team was able to do several medical outreaches in multiple communities in and around Lima. One of these was school screenings in three different schools. In the schools, we were able to screen a total of 1,100 students for vision, alignment, color blindness, height and weight. We were also able to screen the teachers for height, weight, vision, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol. This ministry works in support with the YOM ESL team to Peru to open doors for local pastor’s to come into the schools to share the Gospel.


Our other main ministry was our clinics held in different churches in Lima. We had a total of 12 full and half days of clinics, working with 8 different churches. In these churches we saw a total of 1,072 patients. At these clinics, patients would go through several stations including registration; triage for vital signs, height and weight; doctor station to discuss the primary medical problem; diagnostics if needed including glucose, cholesterol and urinalysis; and a medication station to receive any prescribed medications. The patients also visited the evangelism station during this process. Church members came to the clinic to help with the evangelism station to share the Gospel. This allowed the church to be invested in reaching souls through this ministry. At the end each church was given a list of names and addresses for each patient who visited so they could follow up, invite them to church and witness to them again. Through this outreach, we know of 78 people who trusted the Lord at the clinic and countless others who have now heard the name of Jesus. The goal of working with local churches and holding clinics is to help strengthen the local church and help them reach their Jerusalem. We trust the Lord will use the seed that was planted to draw the people of Peru unto Himself.


During each of these ministries, all of the team members were involved in various aspects of the clinic. All team members were able to work in most of the stations used at the school screenings and clinics. This gave each team member the opportunity to see unique aspects of the ministry and minister to the people in different areas. The students all mentioned how this experience has opened their eyes to medical ministry opportunities and have expressed a desire to serve the Lord again in medical missions in some capacity. Without each of these students, their willing spirit, and desire to serve the Lord with the gifts and talents the Lord has given them, this ministry would not have been a success. We praise the Lord for each of them and how He used them to minister to the people of Peru.                                              

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Philippines Summer Missions Team

·         May 31-June 15, 2016

·         Leaders: Mr. Alex Fulfer and Miss Amy Moses

·         Team:  25 team members

·         Philippines Team website link


Host Missionaries:

·         Teddy and Ligaya Fulfer

·         Arvin and Ruth Tulabot

·         Chris and Ivy Hurst


Mission Overview


·         Visited two orphanages 1,000 kids and distributed free school supplies. Over 75 raised their hands for salvation.

·         Conducted a youth rally with teens from several local churches.

·         Conducted medical clinics where we did blood pressure screening, distributed over- the- counter medicine, and provided basic wound care.

·         Visited a local hospital where we sang to patients in their rooms, prayed with them, and passed out tracts.

·         Conducted two Basketball clinics where over 100 kids attended and 15 kids raised their hands for salvation.

·         Played an exhibition basketball game against a local college where we preached and sang to them during halftime.

·         Assisted with ten Bible clubs/feeding ministries (fed about 500 kids).

·         Visited four churches and conducted the entire service.

·         Gave a concert (5 churches attended) and conducted a fun fair.

·         Visited a jail where we ministered to inmates through preaching, singing, feeding, and playing basketball with them. We saw 26 raise their hands for salvation.

·         Visited two public schools where we taught Bible lessons.


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Romania Summer Missions Team

·         July 9 – 23, 2016

·         Leaders:  Mark and Melany Goetsch

·         Team:  11 team members

·         Romania Team website link


Host Missionaries:

·         Brent and Sara George


Mission Overview


Week #1 – Hope for the Future Camp – Sighet, Romania


·         230 boys and girls attended; Ages 6 - 14

·         75% of children were first time attenders


The team was involved in teaching Bible lessons each day; Joseph Series (ABeka flash cards); prayer groups sharing testimony, Bible verses on prayer, object lessons; work crews (washing dishes); game times; and crafts.  Over 130 boys and girls came forward on Thursday night to put their trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.


One further highlight:  one of our current team member, was adopted by an American family when she was six from the country of Romania.  Her sister was never adopted.  She was able to made contact with her sister and was able to make arrangements for her to come to camp while we were there.  Her sister also trusted Christ as Savior at camp.  These two had not seen each other in 17 years.


Week #2 – Gypsy Village Work with Brent & Sara George – Mediesi, Romania


The team began I t’s work with Missionaries Brent and Sara George on Sunday having a morning and evening service in Mediesi.  Between those two services, we visited two other gypsy villages:  Turulung, a village we have gone to several times and Pom, a new work started by Brother Brent only five weeks earlier.


·         Monday through Friday, we conducted a Vacation Bible School type program for the children.  Had between 40 – 60 children each day.  Team did Bible lessons, music, verses, crafts, and games. We did not have any children trust Christ but very good contacts were made for the missionaries to follow-up.

·         Evenings, Monday through Friday the team was part of tent meetings for the village with music and Bible preaching.  Team members were involved in special music, crowd control with children, and some nights, they took the children out of the service during the preaching and conducted a separate service and game time.   Three adults trusted Christ and there were a good number (>10) of visitors who came back each night.  We received a report from the missionaries after we returned to the US that many of these visitors were coming to the church services.  The team’s ministry continues to provide great opportunities for follow-up by the Missionaries.


A couple of team members are very interested in returning next summer.  Our Romanian team member whose sister was saved during our visit is sensing maybe a call to return to Romania in some type of capacity/ministry.                              

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